Hidden Convertible Bed Series

  • Innovative design combines both bed and desk into the same footprint

  • Easily converts to a twin bed

  • When transitioning to bed position, the desk surface remains level, leaving contents undisturbed


Lifeflo Mahogany (CM) Finish
Lifeflo Ergo Maple (MA) Finish
Lifeflo Cherry (CH) Finish
Lifeflo Java (JA) Finish
Lifeflo Ergo Vintage Elm (VE) Finish
Lifeflo Black (BK) Finish

 Mahogany (CM)         Maple (MA)            Cherry (CH)              Java (JA)           Vintage Elm (VE)    Walnut (WA)          Black (BK)                                 

Lifeflo Carbon Fiber (CF) Finish
Lifeflo Ergo Granite (GT) Finish
Lifeflo Gray (G) Finish
Lifeflo White (WH) Finish

Carbon Fiber (CF)      Granite (GT)               Gray (G)               White (WH)

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